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The Intelligent Interview®

Intelligent Interview Training - Advanced Recruiting Trends

The Intelligent Interview® is an essential interview training course for anyone wishing to acquire, expand, or master critical talent assessment and evaluation methodologies. The Intelligent Interview® course helps company’s make better hiring decisions and avoid costly mis-hires.

The program is wholly applicable to experienced and inexperienced interviewers alike, and addresses a variety of candidate interviewing best practices that are integral to the design and facilitation of a superior and replicable talent selection program. If you are looking to advance your personal interviewing skills, or are seeking to broadly elevate your company’s interviewing processes, The Intelligent Interview® course delivers tremendous ROI.


Tuition is $425.00 per person. Multiple attendee discounts are available (call for details). All major credit cards accepted.

Program Learning Objectives:
Intelligent Interview program participants can expect to learn the following:

  1. Interviewing Formats, Considerations & Set-up: 1:1 Interviews, Panel Interviews, Presentation Interviews;
  2. Position description and interview process alignment strategies;
  3. Identifying & ranking core competencies within position descriptions;
  4. Devising and designing competency-based & behavioral interviewing questions;
  5. Optimizing candidate engagement and the candidate experience in interviews;
  6. Facilitating a top-notch, engaging, and highly productive interview process;
  7. Interview evaluation and scoring methodologies– tool design and utilization;
  8. Assessing interviewing metrics and process optimization opportunities;
  9. Interviewing legalities– avoiding questions that might be perceived as being biased;
  10. Providing interview feedback to candidates (favorable/unfavorable), record keeping & logistics.

Who Should Attend:
Recruiting & Human Resources Professionals & Hiring Authorities who have a vested interest in elevating their individual talent selection and engagement skills, or their organization’s talent selection process.

Program Format:
The Intelligent Interview is a live, instructor-led interview training program that is facilitated online. This course is extremely interactive, and contains a variety of interviewing and talent selection case studies and simulation scenarios. Tuition includes a comprehensive program workbook and access to electronic tools/templates. This course is 3 hours in duration and is delivered in two 90-minute installments over two consecutive days.