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High Impact Recruiting e-Learning (HIRe) Online Recruiter Training Program

Contemporary, Comprehensive, Convenient

Advanced Recruiting Trends’ High Impact Recruiting e-Learning (“HIRe©) Online Recruiter Training Program  provides today’s professional recruiter with on-demand access to over 7.0 hours of outstanding recruitment training content that is grounded in leading-edge, proactive recruiting best practices.  The “HIRe”© Online Recruiter Training Program is available 24/7, and is presented via the Internet utilizing streaming Audio/Video and synchronized presentation slides.

Exceptionally comprehensive, the “HIRe© Online Recruiter Training Program consists of 19 training modules that address essential concepts and approaches in all areas of the recruitment lifecycle, and is supplemented with a 160-page workbook that is designed to serve as an ongoing resource and reference tool.  In short, the “HIRe© Recruiter Training Program provides hours of high-end instruction in easily digested segments that you can complete from the convenience of your home or office. For additional information, please view our e-Learning Program FAQs page.

The “HIRe© Recruiter Training Program is broadly applicable and oriented to talent acquisition professionals in virtually all industry sectors and recruiting disciplines.  Heavily focused on proactive recruitment methods and built entirely on proven “best practices,” the “HIRe© Recruiter Training Program is designed to help recruiters at all experience levels improve their overall performance and realize new efficiencies.  Regardless of whether you recruit in the Health, IT, Construction, Energy, Biotech, Management, Finance, Sales, Administrative, or any other industry sector or functional discipline, the “HIRe© Recruiter Training Program can help you to optimize your recruiting results.

You will learn how to:

  • Proactively identify/source, engage, and recruit passive candidate prospects who are not “overexposed” to the marketplace.
  • Construct and execute the most effective sourcing and recruiting calls using proven formats and word-tracks that will distinguish you from competitors, and engender better results.
  • Build compelling situational scripts and emails that you can use immediately, and that will yield a greater number of prospects interested in communicating with you about opportunities.
  • Assess, qualify, and validate candidate motivators, eliminate candidate ambiguity, and “Lock Down” key aspects of the recruitment process as a means of saving time and energy.
  • Craft better job descriptions, postings, and job-specific marketing collateral to project your organization’s (or client) opportunities and employment brand in the most captivating manner.
  • Think more strategically about the entire recruitment sales cycle to pre-empt issues and problems (i.e.: counter-offers & turn-downs) from appearing on the back-end of the offer/hiring process.
  • Create consultative partnerships with Hiring Authorities that help you to optimize communications and become regarded as a “trusted advisor.”
  • Present yourself in a consultative manner that resonates with candidates and enables you to build long-term, actionable relationships that make your job easier.
  • Sell your opportunities to prospective candidates more effectively, so that a much greater percentage says, “Yes, I’m interested!”
  • Utilize proven techniques to more consistently negotiate compensation and extend offers that close.
  • Plan your day more thoughtfully to maximize productivity, create efficiency, and get more done.
  • And, much, much more!

Pricing$359.00 + Workbook Shipping.  The “HIRe”© Recruiter Training Program is available as a 180 day viewing package.  You have unlimited access to all program modules for six months.  To order the “HIRe”© program, click the order button below:

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If you have questions about ART’s “HIRe”© Recruiter Training Program, please call 540-882-9077 x 101, or complete the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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HIRe Training Program Overview PDF

“Hi Paul, I’m almost finished with your online course, it is fabulous and you are a terrific speaker.  The set up of the course is superb. Seriously, I’ve never met a recruiter like you ever – someone should clone you.”

–Tracey Keen – Recruiter
MNP Consulting



“I just finished the HIRe Training Program and it was wonderful.  Paul is a genius and I can’t wait to start applying the tools that I’ve learned to my everyday work.”

— Julie Arnaud – Recruiter
South Eastman Health



 “Just a short note to say that I am really enjoying the HIRe Training Program and although I have been in HR and an Executive recruiter for many years (Canada, US and Middle East), and have been to numerous seminars, attended the “boot-camps,” read the books – blah, blah, blah – I find you and your approach to be a breath of fresh air!! I love your professional approach to the industry and you make so many great points. I am just very impressed and so happy I purchased your program!! Take good care and once again, thank you.”

— Kelly Bennett, Owner
Sapphire Group International



 Hi Paul, Wow! I have been implementing your training for the past few days and it is highly successful, and highly effective.  I have utilized your candidate cold calling scripts and also the voicemail message methods and the results are very impressive.  I’m on my way to becoming a much more consultative recruiter. I feel that this was one of my weaknesses as a headhunter which I’m now quickly reconciling.  Once again, very well designed and powerful training.

–Robert Hart, Search Consultant
TransPerfect, Hong Kong, SAR