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Advanced Recruiting Trends offers best in class recruiter training programs to organizations and individuals seeking to obtain a competitive advantage. ART’s recruiter training programs include: In-House Recruiter Training Program (on-site, customized recruiter training programs), the High Impact Recruiting Web-Based Recruiter Training Program (live, instructor-led), the High Impact Recruiting Public Seminar Recruiter Training (live, one-day), and our Online/On-Demand Recruiter Training Program (RecruitEDU).

Advanced Recruiting Trends’ In-House Recruiter Training Programs are custom-built for client organizations that are seeking either an on-site or web-based program that will yield a definitive recruiting advantage. Grounded in proven recruitment best practices, our In-House recruiter training programs are tailored to address each client’s unique recruitment requirements. In addition to integrating key client recruitment workflows, our In-House training programs are localized to align with a client’s market sector and position categories. Whether you are seeking specialized training to optimize performance in a particular facet of the recruitment process, or wish to provide ongoing skills enrichment, ART has a demonstrated record of delivering outstanding In-House training programs to discerning clients. Learn more about why clients consistently give our In-House programs superior ratings.

The “High Impact Recruiting ”© Web-Based Recruiter Training Program packages our top-flight recruitment training content into a series of live, recurring training sessions – all accessible from the convenience of your office. The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Recruiter Training Program is an engaging, highly interactive, instructor-led recruiter training course that will help you to sharpen your skills and realize new efficiencies in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Regardless of your recruiting orientation (corporate or a 3rd party agency), or your experience level, you will walk away with a wealth of insightful, pragmatic, and readily deployed best practices in five core learning areas: Search & Selection Strategy, Candidate Identification & Sourcing, Candidate Engagement & Assessment, Candidate Offer Negotiation & Closing, and Organization, Planning & Execution.

Advanced Recruiting Trends presents its highly acclaimed “High Impact Recruiting”© Training Program in a public seminar format on a monthly basis in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. A one-day recruiter training program, this highly interactive and engaging course is loaded with outstanding content that will help you recruit more efficiently and effectively. Like all of our training offerings, the “High Impact Recruiting”© Public Seminar Recruiter Training Program has been designed to equip recruiters with a clear competitive advantage. If you are looking for a motivating, thought-provoking recruiter training program that will provide you with new sourcing ideas, effective passive candidate engagement strategies, and a host of proven best practices that you can immediately deploy, the “High Impact Recruiting”© Public Seminar Recruiter Training Program delivers tremendous ROI.

Advanced Recruiting Trends’ RecruitEDU is a top-tier online/on-demand recruiter training platform that provides outstanding instruction in all phases of the recruitment lifecycle. RecruitEDU resides within a robust Learning Management System (LMS) environment and tracks learner progress through all program modules, captures quiz & test scores (if applicable), and houses homework assignments and related training materials. RecruitEDU program modules are professionally facilitated and provide tremendous training content, continuity, and a superior learning experience. Participants seamlessly upgrade their overall knowledge, while also learning new recruiting skills that translate to heightened performance and better results. If you are seeking an exceptional online/on-demand recruitment training program, we strongly encourage you to consider RecruitEDU.

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 Recruiter Training Products

Advanced Recruiting Trends’ recruiter training programs and products are grounded in proven recruiting “best practices”. Please click the button below to view Advanced Recruiting Trends’ publications, data, and video products.

Specialty Courses

Creating the “Wow!” Factor – Optimizing The Candidate Experience & Advancing Your Firm’s Employment Brand® is a comprehensive recruiter training course that addresses critical candidate engagement and employment branding strategies that distinguish your organization and yield greater recruiting success.

The Intelligent Interview® is an essential course for recruiters or hiring managers wishing to acquire, expand, or master critical talent assessment and evaluation methodologies. This course covers an array of interviewing best practices that are designed to enhance all aspects of your talent selection process.

Leveraging Your Strengths As A Leader – Cultivating The Strengths Of Your Team®, equips Recruiting and HR managers to thoroughly understand and thoughtfully leverage their own natural strengths and abilities to become more effective leaders and mentors.


HR Certification Institute

HR Certification Institute

Looking for a great recruiter training program?  Advanced Recruiting Trends offers corporate recruitment teams, third-party agencies, and individual recruiters a variety of options to access the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative recruitment training available.  We are thrilled that our clients consistently rank ART’s training offerings to be the professional development program of choice.  All of our training programs and courses are eligible for HRCI CEU credits.