Advanced Recruiting Trends - Daily e-Planner

Given the complex nature of the recruiting sales cycle, formulating and executing an effective daily plan is critical to maximizing productivity and performance.

Our Electronic Daily Planner was developed to help recruiters visualize their day and get more accomplished.

Unlike other Daily Planners oriented to recruiters, the ART Electronic Daily Planner organizes activities, conserves time, and saves money. Built as an MS-Word template, simply type activities into the appropriate fields, and your day’s work is rendered in a clean and organized manner. Prefer to look at a hardcopy? No problem – simply hit print.

Best of all, unlike traditional planners, if you don’t complete a specific activity, there is no need to re-record (re-write) it as part of your next day’s plan – it’s already there. Also, unlike traditional planners, with the ART Electronic Daily Planner, there’s no need to re-order.

ART Daily Planner - Completed Screenshot - Page 1

ART Daily Planner – Click Image For Full View Of Planner

  • MS-Word based planning template.

  • Easy to use and can be easily customized and tailored to your needs.

  • Can be viewed electronically, or printed out for hard copy back-up.

  • Prints out as 8.5” x 14” Legal Sized Document.

  • Can be produced on virtually any printer.

  • Plenty of space to track appointments and record key activities.

  • Activity tracking area allows capture of important metrics.

  • No need to manually write things down – quickly type information into the planner.

  • Activities can carry over from day to day. No need to input them again.

  • One time purchase. No need to spend money on reordering paper based planners.

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