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Recruiting Leadership Course

Leveraging Your Strengths as a Leader –
Cultivating the Strengths of Your Team®

As a recruiting leader or manager, each day unfolds with a host of new challenges. While we devote time and resources towards achieving great outcomes for our firms, hiring authorities, and candidates, many of us do little to proactively develop or refine our individual strengths and abilities. Most of us don’t purposefully or deliberately apply our strengths towards how we conduct ourselves as leaders, how we manage and cultivate staff, or how we execute on projects. While we are best served by, “playing to our strengths,” how many of us are actively or consciously pursuing our work from a strengths-based perspective?

Leveraging Your Strengths As A Leader – Cultivating The Strengths Of Your Team®, is designed to help Recruiting and HR leaders, and managers understand and thoughtfully leverage their own natural strengths and abilities. This course also addresses how leaders can more meaningfully assess, understand, and nurture the natural strengths and competencies that inherently exist in every team member. Additionally, this session highlights the “Optimized 1:1,” a recurring, formal communication tool designed to enhance associate performance, while also serving as a mechanism for consistent, ongoing coaching, and development.

Program Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Leveraging Your Strengths As A Leader
The course is worth 3 Human Resource Certification Institute CEU’s.



The course is $425.00 per person. We accept all major credit cards.

Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Strength Identification: Understanding and recognition of primary leadership strengths and abilities;
  2. Using Your Strengths: How leaders can better leverage their own natural abilities and strengths to get more done;
  3. Gap Recognition: Understanding and accepting areas of opportunity and strength gaps;
  4. Assessing Strengths In Others: How leaders can identify, assess, and nurture the unique strengths and abilities of team members;
  5. Strengths-Based Communications: The Optimized 1:1– how leaders can consistently engage, coach, and develop team members to maximize success.

Who Should Attend:

Recruiting & Human Resource leaders and managers who want new ideas and insights on more effectively leveraging their own strengths, as well as more successfully leading, managing, and optimizing communications with others.

Program Format:

This is a live, instructor-led program that is facilitated online. This course is extremely interactive, and contains case studies and discussion exercises that are focused on Strength-Based Leadership approaches. Tuition includes a comprehensive program workbook, a strengths assessment and access to specific tools/templates.

Course Schedule:
*Courses are delivered in two 90-minute installments over two consecutive days.

Contact Information:

Advanced Recruiting Trends
15636 Britenbush Court, Suite 200
Waterford, VA 20197
Phone: 540-882-9077




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