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Recruiter Training DVDs

Recruiter Training DVDs

Advanced Recruiting Trends has produced several compelling Recruiter Training DVDs that address areas of the recruitment life cycle where recruiters really can distinguish themselves. Whether you are looking to attract better candidates by taking your job board postings to the next level, or are seeking to get candidates to return your calls or emails by crafting better messages that consistently yield more responses, or are trying to deploy an approach to cold calling that is dramatically better than what you’ve previously been taught, all of our programs deliver results.  Each of our DVD offerings are also available as on-demand downloads.

Crafting Compelling Job Descriptions and Job Board Postings – DVD
1-Hour DVD Training Program With Workbook

DVDs“Crafting Compelling Job Descriptions and Job Board Postings,” provides a contemporary and at times humorous overview of the state of job postings today, while also addressing the extent to which many recruiters are foregoing a tremendous opportunity to optimize the performance and ROI of online job postings while also distinguishing their organization in the eyes of talented prospective candidates. More…


Optimized Voicemail & Email Message Strategies – DVD
1-Hour DVD Training Program With Workbook

DVDs“Optimizing Voicemail & Email Message Strategies,” looks at specific email approaches and voicemail techniques used by recruiters that will increase the likelihood of a returned call from candidates. This program provides an hour of instruction and examples of real-world voicemail and email messages. More…


Compelling Cold Calls – DVD

2-Hour DVD Training Program With Workbook

DVDs“Compelling Cold Calls,” fully explores the composition and execution of optimized introductory calls to passive candidate prospects.  This program is extremely comprehensive, provides 2-full hours of instruction, and includes real-world recordings of actual recruiting cold calls.  More…




We are actively involved in the production of several new DVD programs, so stay tuned for more information on this page.