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Data CDs

In response to training program attendee requests for supplementary training resources, ART has developed a series of data cds that address key aspects of the recruiting lifecycle.  These include:



ART also offers products that are designed to enhance the overall efficiency of general recruitment operations, and individual recruiter organizational skills.  These products include:

audio & data cdsThe ART Forms Disk – A terrific utility for Staffing Recruiters looking to organize their desks and manage key functions within the recruiting process. This Data CD contains 30+ Forms for use in everyday Candidate and Client activity areas. All Forms are in MS-Word and can be completely customized to suit your needs.  More…




audio & data cdsDaily e-Planner – Given the complex nature of the recruiting sales cycle, formulating and executing a daily plan is critical to maximizing productivity and performance. Our Electronic Daily Planner was developed to help recruiters visualize their day and get more accomplished.  More…