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Avoiding Candidate Illusions

Avoiding Candidate Illusions For an awfully long time now, I’ve been a proponent of the idea that obtaining clarity regarding a job prospect’s core motivators [...]

How Low Can Unemployment Go?

On Friday, June 2nd, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that American companies had created approximately 138,000 new jobs and that the Unemployment Rate had [...]

The H-1B Visa Debacle

In every recruiter training program that I facilitate, time is allocated to better understanding economic and legislative trends that are inevitably impacting the broader employment marketplace, which [...]

What’s The Most Valuable Recruiting Metric?

Recently, while working on a project to evaluate aspects of a client’s recruiting process, I started thinking about the reality that businesses today have become increasingly more focused [...]

What’s Your Generational IQ?

I’ve long argued that in terms of overall intelligence, individuals in the recruiting and talent acquisition domain make up one of the smartest subsets [...]

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