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Recruiting Audit Services

For organizations interested in obtaining a comprehensive understanding for the performance of their recruitment function and related operations, Advanced Recruiting Trends has a definitive recruiting audit process that is capable of examining and evaluating an organization’s overall recruitment effectiveness and efficiency. By fully understanding a client’s approach to each area of the talent acquisition process, ART can reliably identify recruiting areas of strength, as well as areas of opportunity where a client may be able to realize new recruiting efficiencies or competitive advantages within the talent acquisition process that are not presently being leveraged.


ART’s Recruiting Audit Program considers an array of recruiting workflow, budgetary, process, and manpower considerations that can collectively yield insights about an organization’s recruitment function, operations, and potential optimization opportunities. We carefully evaluate recruitment-specific data and metrics to assess the relative effectiveness of existing recruitment and talent acquisition activities.

Efficiency Ratios Between Distinct Recruiting Activities
Recruitment Channel Analysis
Channel ROI Analysis

We perform a detailed Recruiting SWOT analysis, which includes a formal assessment of both the current state and desired future state of the talent acquisition function. We also evaluate all phases of the recruiting life cycle, from the creation of job requisitions through new-hire on-boarding activities. Additionally, we also conduct a recruiting asset assessment (people, internal and external tools, career portal/website, and all recruiting-related collateral and candidate-facing materials).


ART’s Recruiting Audit Program considers a variety of recruiting metrics and related data and uses this information to evaluate the overall operational efficiency of the talent acquisition function.  The objective of the audit process is to enable an organization’s recruiting and operations leadership to make quality business decisions that are grounded in real-world data.

If you would like to understand more about ART’s Recruiting Audit Program, please contact us.  We are happy to provide additional information about audit methodology, audit metrics/data streams, and reporting.