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In addition to designing and delivering high-quality recruiter training programs, Advanced Recruiting Trends is regularly engaged to provide consulting services to client organizations seeking to address a variety of recruitment and human resources-related initiatives.

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Typically, we are enlisted to help client organizations realize key performance objectives that will result in measurable systemic or infrastructure improvements. Advanced Recruiting Trends has significant experience in strategic talent acquisition program design, workforce planning, and organizational development initiatives. We also have extensive expertise facilitating recruitment process assessment and optimization projects. High level illustrations of project work includes:

    • Recruitment Process Definition/Design – ART has worked with clients to define and map both strategic and tactical recruiting workflows and road maps, as well as implement service level agreements and performance time frames.
    • Optimizing Recruitment Performance – By utilizing an auditing approach that does both quantitative and qualitative evaluations of an organization’s recruiting activities, we’ve helped clients pursue steps to make their recruiting process and related workflows fundamentally more efficient.
    • Career Ladder & Job Family Design – ART has taken on large OD projects the result of which has been the creation of sustainable Career Ladder and Job Family structures.
    • Talent Acquisition Strategy Sessions – As a result of ART’s  experience working with clients across a range of industries, we are regularly asked to provide input and insight on identifying and engaging specific categories of candidates, especially where the demand for talent outstrips the available supply.

To learn more about the services arm of Advanced Recruiting Trends, please check out the links below: