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In launching Advanced Recruiting Trends (ART) in 2001, we had one key objective in mind: Build an insightful, informative, comprehensive, and highly effective recruiter training offering that would allow talent acquisition professionals at all levels to more successfully identify, engage, and recruit highly qualified candidates.

“Optimizing Recruiter Performance…Creating Competitive Advantage.”

ART’s professional development  and recruiter training programs are designed to help smart organizations and talented recruiting professionals to deploy a holistic approach to recruitment, while also realizing productivity gains throughout all phases of the recruitment lifecycle. Client feedback consistently confirms that Advanced Recruiting Trends’ “High Impact Recruiting”© platform more than fulfills the objectives we set out to achieve, and equips today’s recruiting professional with an array of readily deployed recruitment and selling best practices.

History -Recruiter Training

To date we have trained thousands of professionals (recruiters, HR specialists, and hiring authorities) to implement engaging, proactive, candidate-centric recruitment techniques that fundamentally work. We have instructed countless others to confidently utilize consultative selling methodologies that engender both candidate and hiring authority goodwill, and establish the basis for long-term, actionable relationships. As importantly, we have established a reputation for delivering top-notch programs that are consistently given superior ratings in the areas of program content, program applicability, instruction, and instructor knowledge. We take tremendous pride in knowing that recruiters at all experience levels have benefited from our professional development programs. At the end of the day, we measure our success by the feedback our clients offer as well as the value they derive.

Whether you are looking to bolster your firm’s recruiting capabilities, or are seeking to elevate your own individual performance, we are confident that our recruiter training programs can help you to recruit more effectively and more efficiently.  As we look toward the future, Advanced Recruiting Trends remains committed to delivering thoughtful and engaging professional development programs that are designed to optimize recruiter performance, and create competitive advantage.  Thanks for visiting our website.