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What We Do:

Advanced Recruiting Trends (ART), is a recruiter training & consulting firm. For over 15 years, we have designed and delivered best in class, professional recruiter training programs for Corporations and 3rd Party recruiting and staffing firms seeking to secure a competitive advantage. We also provide consulting services in the areas of recruitment process and performance optimization, and employment branding.

Our Philosophy:

In today’s competitive employment marketplace, deploying effective recruiting strategies that reliably yield the very best talent, is more important than ever. Too many companies (and recruiters) are wed to a recruiting approach best defined as: “Post & Pray.” Our recruiter training programs and consulting services provide fresh recruiting insights and proven proactive recruiting techniques that enable clients to consistently and successfully identify, engage, and win the best available talent for existing openings.

Our Services:

Advanced Recruiting Trends offers a compelling suite of services to Clients seeking to improve various aspects of their recruitment capabilities:

“High Impact Recruiting”©, our flagship training offering, is arguably the most comprehensive recruitment sales training program of its kind. “High Impact Recruiting”©, blends leading edge consultative selling theory with pragmatic approaches to all facets of the recruitment life cycle and equips talent acquisition professionals with a powerful and pragmatic recruitment methodology that yields results (More).

Consulting: In addition to creating and facilitating high-end recruiter training programs, ART is regularly leveraged by client organizations to address complex recruitment and related human resource project efforts.  Examples of our consulting work include design and review of talent acquisition processes, recruitment workflows optimization, and development and implementation of employment branding strategies and related collateral (More).

Coaching: Advanced Recruiting Trends offers coaching & mentoring programs to Recruiting and Human Resource professionals and leaders seeking to leverage an ongoing resource that can favorably impact on-the-job performance. Some examples of our coaching include post training program follow-up sessions, situational problem solving, recruitment performance analysis, and customized skills enrichment sessions (More).  

Audits: Advanced Recruiting Trends offers a definitive recruiting audit process that examines and evaluates an organization’s overall recruitment effectiveness and efficiency. ART’s Recruiting Audit Program considers an array of recruiting workflow, budgetary, process, and manpower considerations that can collectively yield insights about an organization’s recruitment function, operations, and potential optimization opportunities (More).

Our Products: Advanced Recruiting Trends’ has a host of training DVD’s, Video downloads, and related recruitment training products that are grounded in proven “best practices” (More).





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