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Advanced Recruiting Trends exists to help its corporate and 3rd party recruiting/staffing clients successfully pursue a simple shared objective: To secure and sustain a competitive recruiting advantage. Our best in class professional recruiter training programs equip talent acquisition professionals to elevate their game and enable recruiting organizations to realize better results. In addition to providing top-flight talent acquisition and recruiter training programs, ART also delivers specialized consulting services in the areas of talent acquisition strategy, recruitment process optimization, and employment branding. In short, we apply decades of marketplace expertise to help our client partners recruit more holistically, more strategically, and ultimately, more effectively.

Recruiter Training Programs & Specialty Courses

Best In Class Recruiter Training Programs:
In-House, Web-Based (Instructor-Led), Public Seminar & On-Demand (RecruitEDU)
Looking for a tremendous recruiter training program? Advanced Recruiting Trends provides corporate recruitment teams, third-party agencies, and individual recruiters with a variety of options to access the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative recruitment training available. We are extremely proud of the fact that our clients consistently assign superior ratings to ART’s recruiter training programs and specialty courses. We offer a host of different recruiter training programs (In-House, Web-Based, Public Seminar, and On-Demand), and specialty courses. If you are looking for an outstanding professional development program but aren’t sure where to start, go to the “Which Program Is Right For Me?” link below to complete a short survey that will help direct you to the program that may best align with your needs.

Which Recruiter Training Program is Right For Me?

In addition to designing and delivering high-quality recruiter training programs, Advanced Recruiting Trends is regularly delivers consulting services to client organizations seeking to optimize key areas of their recruitment or human resources capabilities. Typically, we are enlisted to help client organizations realize key performance objectives that will result in measurable systemic or infrastructure improvements. Advanced Recruiting Trends has significant experience in strategic talent acquisition program design, workforce planning, and organizational development initiatives. We also have extensive expertise in helping clients devise and elevate their talent/employment branding strategy. Additionally, we have substantial experience working on recruitment process assessment and optimization projects, and facilitating comprehensive recruitment audits.

Consulting Services

Optimizing Recruiter Performance…Creating Competitive Advantage.

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